Why the hell is Gundam Twilight Axis so bad?

I love Gundam,  but seriously, what the fuck Sunrise? I could barely tell what the hell was happening in the first episode! It didn’t help that every scene was like 10 seconds long. I fucking blinked and missed half the episode. It was a incomprehensible train wreck that’s only redeeming factor was how good the art was. I thought, maybe the second episode would take things a bit more slowly? Let us get to know the characters. No, It was just as bad the first episode, with all those jarring cuts I absolutely loved. Just why the hell is Twilight Axis so bad?

gundam twilight axis 02

Sunrise shot themselves in the foot making the series only six, 3 minute long episodes. Like what the hell kind of story can you fit in 18 minutes? You simply can’t fit the scope of a Gundam plot into such a short time frame. F91 is the perfect example of that, when Sunrise tried to cram 50 episodes worth of story into 2 hours. It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t fucking work now.

And while I’d love to talk about the characters, I don’t know who the hell any of these people are. Have we even heard any of the characters names yet? It’s such a damn shame that Twilight Axis is as bad as it is, because it does something no other Gundam animated series has done before.

gundam twilight axis.png

A female protagonist in a Gundam animated series! Too bad such an opportunity is being wasted on this bullshit. It’s as if Sunrise is trying to sabotage this adaptation, so later on, when people ask why they don’t have more female protagonist, they can point to the failure that is Twilight Axis.

Nice fucking commercial for the novel Sunrise.